Typesetting is the last phase of the editing process. Typesetting services are appropriate for writers who intend to self-publish their poetry book (or ebook) through third-party printers such as CreateSpace or Lulu. I work directly with the writer to ensure that their finished book is ready for printing and publishing.

This includes:

  • Adding in page numbers, headers and footers, and chapter headings
  • Formatting the copyright, forward, and dedication page
  • Formatting paragraph and character styles
  • Adjusting margins and alignment
  • Page and chapter design


I take into consideration your writing style as I provide advice on how to improve your voice and the overall vision for your book. The scope of work for a complete chapbook or manuscript review includes:

  • Line edits for each individual poem to look for style inconsistency, repetition, and other general errors that occur in text.
  • Assessment of individual poems
  • Proofreading to check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation 
  • Recommendations about the structure and order of poems
  • Title suggestions for individual poems and the entire chapbook or manuscript
  • Review of the manuscript as a whole, notating any strengths or weaknesses

This includes a free one hour phone consultation. I will provide detailed feedback through email regarding my thoughts about the entire work, including any strengths or weaknesses.


I offer editing services for poetry manuscripts. Editing is a vital step in the publishing process. As a lover of words and all things literary, I am eager to help clients ensure their work meets a high quality of standard that readers deserve. 

All clients are required to execute an editing contract and pay a deposit before services can begin. My rates vary depending on the specifics of the project. All of my rates are affordable and they are tailored to fit the demand of the project. When I create a quote, I take into consideration the length of the manuscript, the type of poetry, and the type of editing the project requires. 

I also offer free book reviews for current and forthcoming books. 

To request a quote or book review, send me an email at 

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