Before the Epiphany

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Synopsis: Epiphanies are meant to be shared, discussed and contemplated. From the most painful ones that squeeze that beating organ in our chest to the ones that cause us to cringe when face to face with the truth, they should be captured and memorialized. From the thoughts that keep us awake at night to the dreams that keep us wanting more sleep, they all deserve equal attention and appreciation. The poems in this book break down the elements that create such experiences. They transform these elements into the usable energy that fuels us. This energy is universal. It puts smiles on our faces, its pushes us into action, and it allows us to relive the sweetest moments of our past while eagerly looking forward to the future that awaits us. Before the Epiphany is just that, the buildup, the moment before the breakthrough takes place. The poems inside this book reveal each pixel that creates the picture of an epiphany. Readers who are looking to be inspired, encouraged, and enlightened will be wise to join Saunders as she reveals the beauty in even the darkest moments of life. Are you ready to discover what happened before the epiphany?

Lyrical Tempest

I Love God

The Forgotten Lyrics

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The Forgotten Lyrics is a groundbreaking and spell bounding collection of poetry that will leave readers craving more of the literary content that can only be found at the hands of the “Lyrical Tempest” known as Alice Shantel Saunders. In what can be termed her sophomore book, Saunders makes an astounding return to the poetry scene with beautiful works that explore her ideas, dreams, fantasies, and experiences. This diverse collection mixes contemporary poetry with the spoken word genre, all of which taken together will provide readers with a personalized perspective on love, life, and relationships. Are you ready to feed the addiction you never new existed?